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Run-Off and Insolvency

The insurance professionals at Eastpoint have provided run-off and insolvency services since 1990. The development of our advisory services, related to the global run-off market, are rooted in our years of experience in the control and supervision of run-offs, where we have acted as manager or assisted in the management of several significant estates in liquidation, both domestically and in the United Kingdom More recently, since January of 2004, Eastpoint has assisted in the management of several major insolvent estates on behalf of the liquidator, accelerating the closing of the estates and the collection of reinsurance balances.

A successful run-off requires a detailed strategy for its orderly conclusion, effective management of regulatory relationships, liability reduction, cash management, and effective business mitigation, whether it is commutations, audits, dispute resolution, or large loss and recoverable management. The Eastpoint staff is comprised of seasoned insurance and reinsurance professionals who can assist in continuing to maintain the confidence and credibility of regulators. To achieve economies and efficiencies, we work with management to design and implement a proactive plan for both solvent and insolvent run-off.

We provide strategic and tactical options for bringing finality to the run-off.

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