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Auditing and Due Diligence

Eastpoint offers a wide range of auditing services for insurers, reinsurers, regulators, run-off management companies and their counsel who wish to assure compliance with systems and procedures, evaluate claim handling and data quality, analyze financial transactions, evaluate reserving practices and adequacy, or identify significant claim issues.

We are skilled in long-tail direct and reinsurance claim analysis and resolution, operations, project management, data collection, and information systems development and implementation. Our team has collectively audited several hundred organizations including insurance companies, reinsurance companies, group captives, self-insured corporations, third party administrators and managing general agents.

Eastpoint has conducted operational reviews in the context of new business acquisitions, reserve valuations, and assessments of claims handling practices. The combination of our team members' broad experience provides a cohesive project team that works effectively and efficiently in addressing the due-diligence needs of our clients. Eastpoint also provides guidance and expertise to address the challenges of identifying excess payments in insurer claim departments, managing general agents, and third party administrators. Through the leakage study analyses, we can determine whether a company is overpaying on some of its claims, identify corrective actions, and promote cumulative savings.

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