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Data Analysis

Eastpoint provides loss exposure analysis through data analysis, claim allocation modeling, and the development of custom databases. Our clients include insurers, reinsurers, defense counsel, defense groups, run-off management organizations, and state guaranty funds.

Eastpoint has successfully handled and managed most of the largest products liability, asbestos, toxic tort, environmental and other long tail exposure claims that have plagued the insurance industry over the years and understand the complex mix of choice of law, coverage, policy and claims issues associated with those claims.

Eastpoint has substantial experience with liability allocation modeling, successfully incorporating the models in many of its coverage evaluations, negotiations and settlements of major claims. We have provided documentary and testimony support to defense counsel and defense groups in various arbitrations and lawsuits involving reinsurance collections and claim dispute processes. Eastpoint also creates custom databases to allow clients to successfully manage large groups of complex claims, streamline claim audits, and analyze insurer and reinsurer exposures.